Urban Cats Centre

Urban Cats Centre is a full-service cat hotel located at Bandar Puteri Puchong. We are dedicated to provide quality cat care service in a fun, clean and enjoyable environment at a reasonable rate. Besides that, Urban Cats Center is also a pet shop situated in the heart of Puchong with a wide range of pet products for cats at a very affordable price. Cat food, cat toy, cat feeder, and lots of cat accessories, you name it, we have it.

Our Cat Care Service

While others call theirs cat boarding, we call ours cat holiday. Why? When you’re on your holiday or busy schedule, your little fur kids will enjoy their holidays in our hotel too. We pamper them to full relaxation, play with them, let them hang around with other friends and we make sure they go home feeling refreshed.

We believe every kitty deserves an adoring care and love, and every cat owner deserves a peace of mind during your vacations. Why? Because we are traveller, we love cats and we are cats owner too. You can trust our knowledge, skills and professionalism that will give you a peace of mind when you leave your most precious family member with us.

Check out how we take care of your cat

Why You Should Choose Us
  • We use neither cage nor grill concept
  • We use real rooms and real beds only with toys in each rooms
  • Each room is equipped with many places to play, eat, hide, sleep, spy and more
  • Individual cat litter and litter box
  • Daily care and cuddle session
  • Daily play time in play-land area
  • Super Premium food* three times a day
  • Frequent cleaning for hygienic purposes
  • We provide kitty updates via WhatsApp upon request
  • Kitty-human Skype session**
  • No Dogs are allowed to our hotel to avoid stress for cats
  • Chauffeur service if the humans are too busy to send and fetch their cats*
  • Experienced panel veterinarian service (just 300m away) for emergency case

* Additional charges will be applied
  • Perfect choice for boarding and pet supplies. Hotel owners are experts about cats and very passionate on cats. Boarded my cat and the cat came home contented. Thank you Urban Cats Centre
    Nurashikin Yahaya
  • Really great & nice environment for our furry kids
    Nicky Sany
  • Very friendly owners, wide selection of cat goods (food, litter, toys, etc.), the shop is comfortable, and it's very close to the Bandar Puteri LRT station and a vet, so it can be a one-stop cat center.
    Noorulamry Daud
  • My go-to cat hotel. Run by a lovely couple with passion for what they do.
    Luq Harith
  • My fave pet shop and my first choice for pet boarding. They do have delivery service 
    Lis Herman
  • Thank you for giving Khal an excellent and happy stay. Not just any boarding or pet hotel but more like a holiday for him (while I'm on my holiday too).He is looking forward for more playtime there.
    Kelly Koo
  • Cheap price but quality service, clean and neat, most importantly they are friendly, care of my cat with full of heart, will always update me whenever I'm not around by sending my cat's pictures. Will not change my choice anymore.
    LeMon Chin
  • I chose UCC based on the good ratings in both FB & Google reviews. I was not dissapointed at all. The place is neat and super clean - I say this because I have been to one or two which conditions is less than examplary. The owners, Siti and Din are not only very friendly but very, very caring to our furbabies. My cat Jose is usually very apprehensive towards strangers and usually looked depressed when he arrived home after being away but this time around he didn't. Thank you for taking care of Jose, my family and I truly appreciate and love what you're doing. I can't recommend enough and I should stop before I sound too gushing hehe.
    Thank you!
    Leen Bakar