Our Requirements


Urban Cats Centre Requirements

In the interest of all our cat guests, it is necessary that all cats staying at the premise must hold a current vaccination certificate. Please bring along the vaccination certification upon check-in. If the owner is in a hurry, we are happy to help the owner to send the kitty for vaccination at our panel vets*.

* A pet taxi surcharge will be applied.
2Flea treatment
All cats must be flea-free. If you have not performed the flea control prior check-in, you can either purchase the flea control from outside or from us. We have right to apply flea treatment for your cat and the surcharge will be applied.
In the unlikely event that your cat falls ill while staying with us, we will send your kitty to our panel vet which is located 300m from Urban Cats Centre

It is regret that we could not send your kitty to your own vet in a different area. If you prefer any other vet in Puchong area, please make sure you provide the details in the consent form during check-in, otherwise we will send it to our panel vet*.

* A pet taxi surcharge will be applied.
4Un-neutered Cat Guest
It is regret that we do not have facilities for un-neutered adult cats. However, if your cat is un-neutered, please contact us to discuss the options available.
5Special Needs Cat Guest
With an increasing number of cats with special needs, we are happy to help you to take care of our guest with special need. However, the guest will stay in single room in an isolation area. Please call us prior to check the availability of the rooms.

Please note that this is not a veterinarian clinic, therefore we only accept guest that are not under a life-threatening sickness. We have right to reject any guest that we feel too sick to be in our care or could be a threaten to other guest. Please contact us prior to check-in.

We also have the right to send our guest to be boarded at vets for suitable care during the stay. The unspent night in our hotel shall be refunded (T&C applies).

We are happy to administer medications (tablets or fluids) for willing guest*. A proper medication table should be prepared by owner. All medications must be in original prescription bottle with the correct dosage instructions. Medications not in original bottle with correct dosage cannot and will not be accepted. Please contact us to discuss your needs. However, we could not accept guest with insulin injection needs.

*There is a mandatory 2-day trial stay for all cats on medication, please call us to plan this trial well prior to your holiday. You must remain in town and be available to kitty.
6Unfortunate Event
Guests are boarded at their owner's risk and whilst every care will be taken, Urban Cats Centre shall not be liable for the illness, injury or death of any animal in its care. A post-mortem shall be conducted to investigate the death. It is important for owners to leave your emergency numbers.
7Refund T&C
Only 50% of room rates shall be refunded for cats collected prior or within 7 days to date of collection entered on the booking form. However, a full refund shall be given for cats collected more than 7 days from collection date.